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Expected teacher standards,
procedures for addressing issues with teachers and giving constructive criticism

This website is independent and has no association with any organisation of teachers. In recent years there has been a panel of three senior teachers, Subhana Barzaghi, Patrick Kearney and myself, who make a call as to whether newer teachers get listed here.

The intention of the website is to publicise activities of teachers who maintain high standards of integrity. This includes acting in supportive and compassionate ways, not being conceited, acting with refined ethics and treating people respectfully.

It may be the case that someone wishes to offer feedback or constructive criticism concerning a teacher listed on this website. To accommodate this, and to ensure confidence that the standards mentioned above are being taken seriously, we invite you to let us know of any issue you feel should be communicated. We offer a number of options to facilitate this.

1. Take it up with the teacher directly

We encourage direct communication with the teachers when there are issues of concern or constructive criticism of that teacherís behaviour. This could be done face to face or if you have or can see the teacherís email address, you can email them directly.

2. Approaching the teacher panel

Emails to the email address

will automatically go to the three teachers on the panel: Patrick Kearney, Subhana Barzaghi and myself. As well as issues or constructive criticism relating to other teachers you can also address issues related to one of us.

When this email

is used for issues related to other teachers, you can opt to:

    (a) Have your email forwarded to the teacher concerned with your name and contact details. You can ask for a response or advise that you donít need a response;
    (b) Have the contents of your email forwarded to the teacher concerned without your name and contact details;
    (c) Not have your email forwarded but have it simply to point out an issue.

We would like students to not feel alone with issues they are concerned about. Feedback would provide an opportunity for individual teachers and/or the panel to hear your concerns.

Victor von der Heyde


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