Desert Buddha Sangha


Desert Buddha Sangha is the name given to a loose affiliation of practice groups based in Alice Springs. An annual newsletter details dharma activities in our region and you can request a copy of this by email to fielding.taylor at

Sunday sits... local group meditation at 3.30pm every week. The venue may change periodically, so please call the contact number below to find out where to come. Everyone is welcome. There is a 45 minute silent sitting, usually followed by a cuppa and conversation about practice - see below...

Basics of Buddhism Following the Sunday sit, most weeks throughout the year we will have either a reading or a brief talk and discussion. These will be about key aspects of the Buddha's teaching which provide the ground for meditation practice. For example, we are currently weaving a zig-zag course through the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path (with many diversions to talk about questions that come up in our practice). Phone Nique: 8953 6462 or Jenny: 8953 2776.

Meditation half days, Sundays from 1-5pm, sitting and walking meditation, may be scheduled from time to time through the year, depending on interest. Phone Jenny to register your interest.

A Dzog Chen group meets frequently for practices. For times and venue please contact Sue Fielding on 89532776.


From time to time through the year we will get together for a half-day of silent sitting and walking practice or.unstructured self-retreats, camping together and practising independently through the day, but coming together mornings and evenings to sit. We also aim to have some shorter, silent bushwalks on trails around Alice Springs.

Please make contact if you are passing through - we are happy to welcome visitors to our region. home